Ho! Ho! Ho! Busy! Busy! Busy!

Can you believe it?!  My big trip is only 5 days away!  My how time flies when the Christmas season hits!  The elves and I have been burning the midnight oil for weeks now getting all these toys finished up and wrapped for you!

We’ve had lots of Christmas letters come in this year, and I’m still trying to get through them all!  But don’t worry, I’m almost done (just in case you were worried I wouldn’t get to yours)!  I’ve enjoyed each and everyone of them, and there is a record number of you on the nice list this year!  That makes things even more hectic around here because that just means more toys to deliver and more stockings to fill than past years.

The last few days of videos on the websites, iPhone app and Android app will show me busy with my final preparations before the big trip, as well as the big trip itself!  Just like last year, I want to thank you (and your moms and dads too) for following me via my video feature, and I look forward to bringing the videos to you again next year!

Well, time to get back to work.  We’ve got a lot to do yet and it’s almost time to load the sleigh!  I also have to feed the reindeer yet this evening.  They are starting to get a little impatient!  🙂

See you soon (while visions of sugar plums dance in your head)!


Santa Claus