Well, it looks like winter has finally arrived for much of the United States, if not the rest of the world!  I’ve been watching the storm going through the states and it looks like quite the doozy!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  That’s good news for me, as it makes it easier for me to land and take off on your rooftop Christmas Eve!

I also wanted to tell all of you, my friends, that I just put up a video archive page on www.iphonesanta.com and www.thetruenorthpole.com so you can catch up on my video posts if you happened to miss a day.  You will see a link below the videos on the homepage that will let you go to that page.

Well, no snow days for me up here!  I suppose that’s probably because it’s always snowing up here!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Back to work!

Santa Claus