Happy December Friends!

I have several bits of good news to share with you today!  First of all, only 23 days until Christmas Eve!  How exciting!  On that same topic, remember to send your letters to me soon!  I’ve enjoyed all of the letters I’ve received so far, and I look forward to reading yours!

More good news on the technology stuff here at the North Pole: the iPhone and Android apps are now available!  Check out the iPhone App and Android App pages on my site (upper right hand corner of the site) or go directly to the iTunes App Store or Android Market to down them now!  My videos start tomorrow, December 2nd!

If you don’t have an iPhone or Google Android phone, you can still follow me and watch the videos right here on my site!  The videos will be updated daily, so check back every evening with your mom and dad’s permission!  And from the letters I’ve gotten so far, it seems that moms, dads, and grandparents all over enjoy watching my videos too!

Don’t forget that St. Nicholas’ Day is in a few days!  Do you do anything to celebrate that day?  I know some people do, so that’s why I’m reminding you!  🙂

Anyway, back to work.  We still have a lot of toys to make and preparations to plan for!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa Claus