Hello Moms, Dads, and Children!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween this past weekend. ┬áDid you get all kinds of goodies while trick or treating? ­čÖé

Now that it’s officially November, the 2009 Christmas season is fully underway! ┬áThe elves are extending their daily work shifts starting tonight and the reindeer start their exercises and flying training camp next week to warm up for the big trip! ┬áBut I’m sure the North Pole isn’t the only place that’s turning their gears up to 11! ┬áFrom what I hear via the Internet, the stores are ready for shoppers, the weather is starting to get colder, and the children’s eyes are beginning to glow! ┬áWhat an exciting time this is!

Despite all the Christmas hub-bub that’s already starting, don’t forget the one other holiday that usually gets lost in the shuffle: Thanksgiving! ┬áThat one is only a few weeks away. ┬áThe annual North Pole Thanksgiving dinner is one I look forward to every year as it’s the one solid day of vacation we take during the busy season in order to reflect on everything that we are thankful for. ┬áHopefully you do the same!

Santa Claus