Ho! Ho! Ho!  Welcome to my new website, the official site of the North Pole and the 2009 Christmas season!  This year, I’m really getting my hands (and the reindeers’ paws) dirty in this new fangled technology era by providing you several ways to keep track of me throughout the holiday season.  For starters, we launched this brand new beautiful website as the official gateway to the North Pole and my home!  Also, I will be posting regular updates via popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook and hopefully Flickr.

In addition to those things, you will be able to track me through a series of videos for the second year in a row via the Santa Live iPhone app!  With all these ways to keep track of me nowadays, I’m really going to have to step up my invisible ninja skills and magic efforts to stay on my toes!

Well, I gotta run for now.  Mrs. Claus says it’s time for dinner.  I look forward to talking with you all and receiving your 2009 Christmas letters soon!

Santa Claus